General Principals


Brochure text, text and styling info-card


Website text


General support with regards to marketing, communication and strategy


Website text


Design and text for a fundraising brochure


Website text

   Search Effect     Brochure text
   Ondernemend Werken     Website text
  Van 't Veer Support{s}     Realisation website


"Spiritual Principals'

Spiritueel ABC

Design & development website, research for and writing of text

Buro Paardebloem

Advice on layout website and website text

Van Os

Restructuring website, (re) writing website text

Hogeschool Geesteswetenschappen

Teaching a course on Management, Marketing & Communication

   Vice Versa     Re-writing biography, description of new workshop
   Presenz    Website text
   Lifeworks    Advice on re-styling website, website text
   AH    Advice on website, website text



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