Are you looking for some friendly support and advice?

Could you use someone who ...


supports you in your search for new customers of give advice in how to improve the relationship with your existing customers.


realises a striking website. Prepares and executes a mailing. Takes care of your newsletter or makes a catching brochure.


helps you out in realising a training, course, workshop, lecture or ...


makes specialised topics accessible for a specific target group or a broad audience.


can teach on the subjects of marketing and/of communication.



In short, are you looking for someone who can identify with your passion and the soul of your company? Who can express in words what moves you and motivates you?


You are more than welcome at Ileander's. I offer support and advice in all these situations and more, in a practical and goal oriented manner.



So how may I help you? Feel free to contact Gia on +31 (0)6-46 171 191 or e-mail me at